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Welcome to Win/Win Realty & Investments Inc.
We have an assortment of units available from one bedroom apartments to five bedroom houses. Please refer to the list below for neighborhoods where we manage property. We offer well maintained properties that are cleaned and redecorated before the units are rented. Most properties have updated kitchen and baths. We offer the nicest properties around for competitive rates. We chose our name Win/Win Realty & Investments Inc. from the concept of a "win-win situation." Tenants and landlords alike can win when both parties are responsible and do their part in the tenant/landlord relationship. We have had many tenants move from one location to another because they wanted us to remain their landlord. Please feel free to browse our current inventory at your convenience and as often as you would like. If you need further assistance, you may call us at 513-339-0288.


Please do not let your credit score prevent you from applying. We have many excellent tenants who do not have a high credit score. Your rental history is more important to us than your credit score. For additional tenant criteria, please go to the company policy page under the Tenant Services tab above.

Neighborhood and Zip Codes Where We Manage Property:

Hyde Park
Pleasant Ridge
Kennedy Heights
Elmwood Place
St. Bernard
North Side
College Hill


Colerain Township
Springfield Township
Mt. Healthy
Winton Place
Deer Park
Golf Mannor
Bond Hill
North College Hill
Forest Park


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